Introduction: Insight on me and why now?

You’re still here! Score!

Wondering who I am? Like I said, get your snacks and beverages. Get comfy, and let’s go on a ride.

Well, if you haven’t guessed by now, I’m a mom. I was, well still, a young mom at the age of 16.

Remember rule one. Yeah….

Anyhow, married and divorced, I learned just about everything through trial and error. I also had a lot of old school advice and skills passed down to me.

Being a mom to a soon to be 16 year old special needs child, 15 year old, and 9 year old is interesting, rewarding, frustrating, and down right hilarious all in one. No day is ever the same.

As I share stories, tips, and just craziness with family and friends, the same question comes up:

‘How do you manage?’

Normally, I just say, I just do. The more I thought about it, that was a lie. I have a system to somethings, others I just roll with it. Why get pissed? Doesn’t change anything. I do get mad, but I try to reserve it for the right times.

Still with me? Yeah boyee!

Biggest lesson so far: make it ok as much as possible. Sometimes it’s damn near hard to, but as cliche as it sounds, there is a silver lining in every strom. Trust been through enough of them to the point I laugh with crap hits the fan, wall, and the carpet.

We buckled in yet? It’s going to be a Willie Wonka of a ride. Might even challenge you to what you find to be normal!……



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