St. Patty’s Day say hey!…….

In all this setting up and blogging, I did plan, prep and cook a St. Patrick’s Day meal.

One of the many skills I have is I’m a trained bartender. Great holiday for bartenders everywhere!

So, I have dinner, desert, a grown up drink, and a family drink. Everyone is covered!

Since I’m not Irish (as far as I know), google here I come! These food recipes weren’t hard to find, easy to make, and smelled so good.

Corned Beef with Veggies:


Irish Soda Bread



Green Velvet Cake

image image 20140316_224319


Haven’t iced it yet, but looks yummy!

Irish Iced Tea:

This is a strong drink. Make plans to stay wherever you are or just don’t drink. This is a great looking drink, and taste very fruity too.

In a highball or Collins glass (google it, lol), fill with ice half way.

You pour a ounce of vodka, gin, rum, tequila, blue curacao, midori into a tumbler, shake and pour into the glass. Add a splash of orange juice. Garlish (optional) with red, or green cherries, and orange slices.



Lastly, we have Irish cream soda. Buy Maraschino cherries, add green food coloring to the jar. Once your cherries are dyed and cold, grab a glass, and put two at the bottom. Then you’ll need clear cream soda. You add that to the glass, if you want more green tint, add more food coloring. Grab a scoop of vanilla ice cream, add that and a cherry for garnish. Bam!

Everyone is covered, celebrating the luck of the irish, and you look like you went to culinary school. Thanks to all recipes and google!

Have Fun!


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