Bartending 101: How I make my blender work for me!

Howdy how!

Another episode of my bartending laboratory!

This week we kept it a tad bit simple and went with a common theme of blended drinks. Now when I say blended, in this case, I mean your blender. Real easy, and when your having a get together, it does the work for you. Add on to that, makes you look like your a pro! Lol.

We ready? Let’s get it!

First up is the Kiwi Watermelon Lemonade Cocktail. It looks pretty. Takes a little more to make, but if you’re trying to impress a small party of people, like a dinner party, I so recommend it. Only thing I’ll change is getting rid of the kiwi seeds, but it was tasty!


Next, you guys should realize I have a sweet tooth. Just about all my drinks are sweet. It’s just how I roll. If you want something different, let me know! Meantime, this next drink proves I’m in love with sweets. To be able to create a drink that tastes like a candy bar is a whole other level of awesomeness yeah boyee! I call it Snickers. Tastes just like the candy bar. I ate these bars for a week straight after having child #2. Don’t ask. Lol.


I love margaritas. I decided to turn one of the drinks I made last week into a margarita! Yeah boyee! Might add red food coloring for a darker color but its damn tasty this way too! Strawberry Banana Frozen Margarita. Great girls night, I ain’t got no kids this weekend, f*** my diet drink!


I created this next drink in honor of the drinking advice I got from older female relatives long time ago.

‘Ladies sip on wine coolers, its very classy’

What. The. Hell. Who ever made that rule can kiss my ass. I don’t believe in that, just like ‘real men don’t drink sweet drinks’. Really? Really? Only rules to drinking is don’t be stingy with the alcohol, don’t puke on anybody, and don’t drive drunk. Not yo mama’s wine cooler gives the finger to everyone on that ridiculousness. It taste good and give a good slap in the face. Double win!


I put shots in here, just more for they sounded cool. Lol. My blog, my drinks! The hot turk is just crazy potent. Don’t go out and drink this, you may wake up to thinking ‘why do I do this guy/girl? What the hell?’ Guaranteed. Trust me. I didn’t, but I know if I went out, I just may have. Can’t take back that morning walk of shame.


Anyone born before 1988 knows what movie this is from. Nuff said…….


Lastly, to a salute to my new fascination tv show, game of thrones. We have Wounded Dragon. Sweet and sneaky. Tasty too. Again, remember what I just advised.


That concludes my bartending 101 weekly entry. Tune in next week for my shenanigans. Though in this house, they are daily, I conclude my week with this and catching up on my dvr. Lol. If you have any suggestions, feedback, anything but hate mail comment or email me!

This also includes ideas too! I love a challenge!

Until next time, stay safe and responsible.


(CREDIT: I’m gonna git ya sucka)

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