Bartending 101: Location, location, location.

It’s Bar 101 again!

This theme was location, location, location. I took the United States divided it up into sections. Some I’ve been to, and others I want to get to see. I also added in Canada, Australia, and England. These places are on my bucket list.

We began with the northwest. I call it the Boston Creme Pie. I’m a huge patriots fan, and would live to travel there one day not to only see my team play, but to also experience one of the historical colony sites. Its the history buff in me. Lol.


We drive on down into the midwest. My area of home, well my beginnings I should say. Seeing my first 15 years in this area, I learned the meaning to hard work, using every piece of what you use, thirft storing, and cooking it from stratch. I had plenty of friends who had family in manufacturing and/or in the farming industries. To me, its the place that keeps me grounded. One of the memories I have is house hopping on holidays. You could, especially Christmas, go from house to house and enjoy food and desserts, and blood related or not, you were family. It reminded me of fresh apple pie on the window ceil. Introducing the apple cobbler.




I lived in Riverdale, Georgia in the mid 90s. Being down there taught me so much. Biggest lesson: family isn’t always related. When my mom began to get really sick, our neighbors rallied together to help us out, and in turn, we they needed help, we did the same. Though racial tensions still quietly run high, that year was a learning experience. To me, the south is sweet and sassy. Hence, the Georgia Peach.


One of my favorite areas of the country, the southwest. Its the one area you will find just about every ethnic background known to man. I met my ex, had my kids, and started my career out this way. I was exposed to all kinds of food, ways of life, and life lessons living in Arizona, Nevada, and California. Travelled to New Mexico, Texas, Utah. Its just an experience I reccomend it to anyone who wants to really get to know different cultures but too broke to travel internationally. To represent this area, we made the Melting Pot!


Lastly, we have the northwest. I love, love, love, this drink. Though I’ve never been up there, I hear is beautiful. Just like this drink. The Washington Apple.


Now, I’ve always wanted to travel! Since I did things a little ass backwards, I couldn’t do it in my 20s. Plus is that I had my kids young enough that I still can even after they leave! Of course I got a list of places to go. First up is Canada. Vancouver for work purposes, Toronto for vacation. From my experience, canadians are sweet and can be naive, but just kick ass! So of course I made the clique drink, the Sweet Maple Leaf.


Next would be down under! Austrailia looks so much fun, and beautiful. It ranks up there with Italy with me. A must see before I’m 80 and blind as a bat. Just seem so chilled out, ya know? Introducing the Syndey.


Lastly would be England. This place rocks the more I watch travel network and BBC. Our family decided this would be our family trip once my older two graduate high school. It’s like its a different reality but the same. In honor of the queen, I made this drink named after her.


That’s my location theme. I, of course, have tons of other places I want to travel to, but I got time. Enjoy! Bon Voyage!


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