Bartending 101: Salute to Mother’s Day

Yes, CSMommy is playing catch up. With end of the school year activites and work, I’ve slacked off on my entries! I really loved this week because it let me experiment with wine and champaign. It also let me plan for future mother’s day events.

First up, one of three drinks I made into my own, New Orleans Jazz Time. Sweet and tart at the same time. In my opinion, great for brunches.


The Poinsetta would be great for a dessert or during Christmas, as a friend advised. Simple and pretty.


The third I adapted and changed is called the KIR. Though I don’t know what the hell it stands for, it has a berry taste from the chambord and type of white wine I used. To me, its a great drink to have amongst girlfriends on a mother’s day spa trip. Some cheese, fruit, and great foot massage. Don’t get me started!


This next drink, I planned to tweak out some of the issues, but its a keeper! My sunrise sangria is just awesome. Taste great, and really easy. It literally makes you look like a master in the kitchen even if you are clueless. Lol.


Lastly, for the family brunch we have the mock sangria! Get this, no sugar is in the drink. Fruit juice, soda, and fruit! It when fast in the house this weekend!


I hope you guys enjoyed your mother’s day. My gift? A day off. No cooking, cleaning, nothing. Just me being a lazy heffa with my netflix account. To me it’s the true meaning of mother’s day is giving mom a real break. No requiring getting dressed, or plans. Just chilling out.


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