Bartending 101: Man Men Suburbia

Hey hey hey!

You think just because I had a birthday party to plan, I forgot about bar lab? Um, no. honors all parts of the blog unless their is a 911 situation. Supervising hyper girls came close, but no. I got this.

Now, though I never really watched Mad Men, as a history major, I’m fascinated with the past. I love sitting and listening to relatives talk about times I’ll only get to experience through TV, and their role in great periods in modern history. The period of the show, late 50s into the early 60s, fascinate me. Though it was tough times, even brutal, for minorities, they still found a way to celebrate and get together. A time where everyone knew everyone. Block parties were the norm. Just a time where the term ‘keep it pushin’ was really a way of life.

I wanted to recreate that in drinks. As I did my research, I noticed they were very simple. That during these times, you would have to drink 12 of these to get wasted, or just drink the bottle straight. Lol. I decided to take some classics and put my twist on them.

Ready? Lets get it started!

First up would be an Old Fashion. The original recipe seemed so tart and manly. I’m a female. I need a feminine drink, not hair on my chest. In any event, I can see my grandfather drinking the original and listening to Billie Holiday or Jackie Wilson in the living room. Just chilling out, and reflecting. Here’s my twist.


My next twist on a classic is the Joan Collins. To me, the recipe was too harsh, bitchy even. Nope, not in my house. To me, it’s a great young girl drink. Tastes great and sweet too!


We now have my creation. You know I had to make one of my own, right? My fruity freddy fuddpucker. This would be a drink with the next drink, Mai Tai, served in those tiki themed bars. Love, love, love the flavor in how it came out. I’ll work on this drink to improve it, but the base of the drink is awesome.


As I mentioned before, the Mai Tai fit into this week in the stories I heard about the beginning of ‘awkward office parties’. Lol. Gotta love the fake smile and fun of going to work off the clock to socialize. You need a strong drink. Here you go.


The next two drinks are classics in my mind for the ladies. One is for a date, the other is for the married woman who is out with the girls during a brunch.

My double chocolitini, I could see drinking on a date for a cocktail and dessert all in one. My version of the banshee is for that married woman who meets friends to dish on her at home life. To get a touch of being single again, before returning to the at home life of being a second ranked citizen. Sometimes, she wants to let loose. This would be her way of doing so and staying classy doing it.


Double Chocolitini



There you have it! Until next time, stay classy!


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