Pep talk!

I want to take a minute out before I post my weekly post and be serious for a minute.

One thing I’ve learned as a parent, married or divorced, is that if you teach a lesson, you must live by it too. I always talk to them and encourage my kids to do their best.

One lesson I had to remind myself this week was its only a moment. I was stressing so much last week with bills and planning a birthday party, it got overwhelming.

I haven’t had this kind of pressure since my divorce. It kinda gets to that point where you feel like your in a bottomless hole that never ends. Then you remember. Its just a moment. A moment you learn from. A moment you’ll remember that you become stronger from.

This lesson I really stress to my older two. They are in high school, and we have ‘my life sucks’ or ‘my life is over’ days twice a week. I remind them, it’s a moment in time. My calming spots are on this blog and in my kitchen creating drinks and trying new foods and/or creating a new spin on old dishes.

Some of my readers are going through this as we speak. Remember, it’s just a moment. Life will push through this, and turn around. You’ll see that silver lining and go, ‘woosah’.

Keep that in mind, parents. Life is full of moments, good, bad, and you can’t be serious?, lol. At the end of the day, its all good. Common Sense Mom says so.


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  1. aerondt says:

    I SO needed to read this! My divorce was final on the 2nd of this month and it feels like everything has just gone downhill since then. I am trying to stay afloat and keep in mind this is just a small part of my story and that I won’t be sad and lonely forever. So thanks for the pep talk!! I appreciate it A LOT.


    1. buttercuppieces2013 says:

      No problem! Nothing is perfect and honestly, if you keep your cool and sense of humor, it’s gets you through. We split August 3rd 2009. Never think it’s been that long but sometimes I reread that, and remember. Also, the motto here is roll with it. You can cry about it, or roll with it, and get down to business, choice is yours. Makes things tons easier! LOL


  2. jsackmom says:

    Love this, and I appreciate you speaking your wisdom. Thank you for the pep talk Mommy I really needed it today. 💗


    1. buttercuppieces2013 says:

      No prob bob! I think every parent needs to remember that.

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      1. jsackmom says:

        I agree 100 % my sweet friend 😊💗


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