Gas vs Charcoal grills: The debate of all time

I never realized how complicated grill shopping was until I decided to buy one. Gas or charcoal? Small or large and in charge?

I’ve been looking for almost two months now. Asking around on opinions and pricing both sides of the argument. Now, I was raised on both, so I know the differences in taste. As a kid, I loved charcoal grills. It just let you know summer was in full effect!

As a single mommy, I opted for gas. I’ll tell you why. It’s easier and healthier. No worries of running out of charcoal or lighter fluid. No clean up that will take a long time. 20 bucks, if not less, for a tank. Bonus, the grill I chose has a side burner for me to cook my side dishes on.
I’m very excited because one of the reasons I really wanted a grill was to save time and money. Also, I’m what they call an experimental foodie. I love trying new things in the kitchen, and this shouldn’t exclude the grill either.

I think we shall have fun this Sumner peeps! Now, I’ll post my review as soon as I use it. Here’s my choice:



Give me feedback! Gas vs. Charcoal. Which side you on? Keep ya posted!


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