Summer Breaks…..take a real one.

Summer time is here! My kids are done as of Wednesday! No more early mornings, extra activities, or rushed time together.

One debate I hear is summer activities vs. summer vacation. My theory is this. If its educational, then yes I’m signing them up. Library cards, science camps, sure. Otherwise, let the child take a break. Remember, when they are obligated, so are you.

There was a time where summer break meant that. That you and your child took a break. Now, daycare doesn’t come under this. That’s different. I mean dance, karate, or non needed classes. You two are a team. You two worked hard from August to June.

Take. A. Break.

Only exception is the brain. Challenge that all the time. Otherwise, be a kid. Relax. Remember, you don’t get that time back once its gone. Go to the movies. Hit some libraries, museums, and pools. Sleep in. Take a vacation or a stayaction. Celebrate the free time.

Around here, we are going to do some free bowling, have Netflix marathons, and wing it. My two high schoolers are in summer school so no vacations, but we will do road trips before the summer is over.

It’s the time spent together is crucial because it those times they remember. Lessons are learned. Bonds grow stronger.

Ask yourself does team{your name here} wanna tackle another class or just chill?

Personally, when they break, I break. They don’t come often.


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