Always room for adjustments

I have been super busy as of yet, but haven’t forgot about my peeps. One thing I came across was my organization entries.

Remember how I explained my madness of shopping and cooking? Well I just noticed this is my first summer I didn’t have to cook like a crazied maniac unless I chose too. Not really working crazy hours, nor do I have seven kids running around my house. 

This weekend I did something I never thought I could possibly do. I cooked only for two nights. Hear me out. One thing to house organization is observation. I’ve noticed though my kids eat, they snack a lot. what happens is by dinner time they aren’t as hungry.

I decided to cutback on dinner. I’ve noticed more leftovers, so I cook two to three times a week now. With that said, I make more trips to the store for milk, juice, bread, and cereal. This is where the freezer comes in, but in due time.

In any event, I get to have a summer break for once. It’s kinda nice.

Try it and give me feedback!


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