Bartending 101: Sweet Tea

I must apologize. I’m binging out on the walking dead while posting.

Bad bartender! LOL

In my defense, this is a really good show. They have a marathon Fourth of July weekend. I figure I’ll watch the three seasons on Netflix, watch the fourth season on amc like they advertised, and then be mad until the fifth begins. Like Orange is the new Black. LOL.

Ok! Focus!

June is National Tea Month. Bet ya didn’t know that? Hell, I didn’t either, but I was on vacation, researching all kinds of things, and came across the random information. In any event, I love sweet tea. It’s a staple in this house, especially in the summer time. Of course one of the most popular drinks is a Long Island Iced Tea. ¬†Ironically, no iced tea is in the drink.

You know me, I must try mixing, everything! I haven’t gotten to everything yet, but I got a good start. So since this is bartending I’ll tell you about my sweet tea, and then of course the cocktails I made with it.

Not if you have diabeties, I would pass on this entry, because the sugar content between the tea and the cocktails any send you to the hospital.

Now the secret to awesome sweet iced tea is putting the sugar in before you make it. Whether it’s in an ice tea maker or the old fashion way, on the porch in the sun. You put the sugar in with the ice and tea packets. Brings out the flavor. I have a ice tea maker. My kids are inpatient. So you put in your ice, sugar, water, and tea packets. I almost always buy flavored tea. Not only for when I can’t sleep, but to mix with regular tea is awesome! Throw some fresh fruit in the pitcher, you’ll look like homemaker of the year.

At this point, I made my sweet tea, kids are in bed, on to the cocktails we go!


I call this my spiced fruit iced tea. I love Long Islands, but they are so tart. Remember, I love sweet stuff, and a lot of people, especially females, like drinks that you can’t taste int the alcohol. That is the other common thread in this weeks drinks. You can’t taste the alcohol. Yeah, you may be in trouble with that. Lol, this drink, as you see, is made like the long island, but I made a few changes to it. I was fabulous. Two things not pictured, the fresh mangos I blended into the spiced rum, and the tea itself.


Next, we have the fuzzy tea. Fuzzy navels are awesome by themselves. I figure why not make another twist on the tasty drink, ya know? This too, hides the liquor very well.


Lastly we have the tri-berry iced tea. This one was ultra sweet, and very tasty. Yes, to answer your question, that is strawberry orange soda. Gives it an extra kick.


That, my friends is my bar laboratory for this week. I’ll be back with some new stuff this weekend, and next weekend, I’m debating since its a holiday weekend, and the kids actually agreed to some plans. Say wha??? I know, eerie!


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