4th of July part 1

Its the 3rd of July!

Lol. No it’s not a holiday, but in my house, it kinda was. It was prep day. Marinade meat, snap fresh green beans, boil potatoes for potato salad. It was great as a kid.

No different today. Now, at first, this was a simple barbeque, but after some great news of sorts and realizing it’s a blasted holiday, I threw caution to the wind, and expanded my menu. Here’s the beginning of the feast:

Barbeque Ribs and Hamburgers with homemade peach moonshine sauce
Baked Beans
Macaroni N Cheese
Patriotic deviled eggs
Patriotic fruit cookie flag
American Blondie brownies
4th of July punch
Freedom Flag*
Canadian Swirl(for my friends up north!)*

*:Bar lab surprises!

Ok, so I’m a little overly patriotic. Lol. In any event its fun to create and tasty. To pull it off, you MUST cook the day before. Anything you can do before, DO IT. It makes the day so much easier.

Now, most of us know this, but do you actually do it? Lol. Yeah. Trust me, I’ve tried having fun while cooking, it never works. Here’s pictures of what I did today:








Mason jars? Yeah, in due time my lovelies, in due time. I’ll be back tomorrow with finished products!


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