Bar 101: On a budget

Bar 101 was very interesting this weekend.

First it was done early for a friend of mine’s birthday. She also had a budget. Like an extreme budget.

Invited 40 some odd people, but had a budget for 40 in alcohol.

What is this girl to do? Wel, I researched, ran ideas by her, and we came up with three ways to incorperate alcohol in her party without breaking budget. In normal cases, these three ideas probably would total maybe 100 dollars. Just depends on the quality of alcohol you want to use. Either way, I used some of mine that she couldn’t buy, and it worked out. Everyone loved it and these ideas got my name out there!

What did we actually do you ask?

Let me fill you in!

First up was the Red Apple Sangria I did a while back. Though  tweaked the recipe a bit, it still came out great. Only one pitcher, and I should have made three because it was a hit! With taxes, this drink may cost you 40, depending on the type of apple alcohol you choose, and the fruit you buy. Remember, the earlier you make it and chill the drink, the better it tastes!


Next we have my recipe turned into a jello shot. My Strawberry Banana Martini turned into jello shots. I wanted to use the strawberries as cups, but I’m working on a method to hull the berries better without holes being a problem. Decided to garnish the shots with slices of banana on top(not pictured). With this shot, I got 35 shots for 26. She had the shot glasses already. not too shabby!


Lastly we have my newest creation. Chocolate covered peanut butter banana slices. I didn’t use dipable chocolate but I will next time. The bailey’s caramel made it a candy bar with bananas. It was a hit too. Total cost with toothpicks: 30 dollars.


Now, I had the liquors so these amounts include liquor. Which means it was just the supplies she bought. Her birthday was awesome, and I made tons of connections based on my creativity. Translation: I was fucking awesome!

You can be awesome too! Just look in your cabinet. Research the taste your going for, and see if you can substitute that for something cheaper.

Don’t be afraid of lower quality liquor either. Anyone who says anything, tell them to pitch in then if they are that snobby about it! Watch how fast they shutup.

It’s all about the presentation. Just because its cheap doesn’t mean it has to look that way!

Until next weekend!


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