Cooking made easy, afforable, and under 30 minutes.

Trying to find ways to cook can be difficult at times.

When say this, I mean methods that can make it easier on you in the long run, whether the goal is to cut back on using your stove, or healthier way to make the same dish, it can be frustrating to try something new, and it taste like crap.

Even worse is if you like it, but you family look at you like ‘you’re not serious right?’

I made it a mission to try new ways of cooking the same things that I normally would cook in the house, and/or trying new things but different methods. In the last three weeks, I haven’t went near my oven or stove.

Say what?

Yes, I bought an electric skillet, waffle maker, and deep electric skillet. I’ve also pulled out the crockpot too. Just because it’s summer time does’t mean the crockpot can’t be used.


It’s been interesting but fun. One thing I notice is the clean up isn’t that bad. One pan, one bowl(maybe), and utenils. It will be something to try to do more often.


Example, I made pizza lasagna in the crock pot. Pepperoni, cheeses, sauce, and pasta. Layered, turned on and walked away. 3 hours later, dinner is done, and no mess.

Another plus is my gas bill. 40.00. Can’t beat that with two teenagers who shower twice a day, and tons of wash to do.



Tomorrow, sloppy joe casserole and friday, carne asada tacos.

Try it. take something you cook one way, and try it a different way. Even dust off those lovely small appliances you keep getting for christmas and put it to good use.

You may just like it.


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