My mini DIY weekend!

Well, Well, Well!

It’s been an exciting last couple of days. Of which I’ve slacked on the updates, but that is no more!

In my defense, the DIY projects took a toll one way or another. Like the bruised knee I posted. It’s pretty good now but it hurt like a muthasucka!

Speaking of, that was the first task I tackled. My main window downstairs in my front room has those annoying long blinds that if you breathe on them the wrong way they break.

Annoying blinds + kids = crappy looking window.

I finally had it! I went to one of my stores I shouldn’t be in. We all have those. The trip calls for a couple things. 200 dollars later.

Walmart. I wanted heat/noise blocking curtains. A little more expensive than most but well worth the price. I was so determined to get rid of the eye sore, it was late, and I really didn’t care.

Finished product!



I took the blinds down, put up curtain rods and it’s fabulous. My living room is a work in process. As any parent knows, you don’t have nice stuff until your kids are older. I rather wait and have nice stuff that doesn’t get broken opposed to nice stuff getting broken and rocking in the corner wondering why I try.

In this process I slipped and hit my last good knee on the chair. Figures. Lol.


Never fails. I fix something, I slowly kill myself. Been like this since I can remember.

The next day, we tackled the dog bed issue. I got a 5 month old lab. She’s cute, hyper, and spunky. Problem, she loves to play musical bed chairs while sleeping. I honestly don’t mind her sleeping in the bed, but not stay still or taking over the whole bed is a problem. I also knew I didn’t want to buy a bed, she grows out of it in a year, and I’m in the same situation I’m in now.

What’s a girl to do? Make one!

She loved my old worn pillows and blankets, so since my mother taught me to sew, I stitched it altogether.


First, sewing the pillows together. This way it’s a massive bed she can grow into.


Then I stitched on the blankets for extra padding. The plan is to use safety pins to pin an old fitted sheet over it. This way I can wash it when needed, and re pin the sheet back on.

She loves it!


I’m in the process on the last project until school starts.

Making jeans into shorts. It’s still hot when my kids go back, and why buy new when you can make them yourself?

That’s how we roll around these parts. For simple DIY projects. We will get into bigger projects as the kids are in school. You know me, as I go along, you’re going on the ride with me!

~CSM ~

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