Bar 101: Bourbon and a challenge!

Bartender has been busy!

I still made time to do bar lab this week. It’s a two part entry. I decided to also by myself a T-shirt that I just thought was awesome!


Yes. I may not work in a bar anymore, but when I have side gigs, this would be me. Lol.

Let’s get started!

I’ll admit, I’m comfortable with vodka or rum. With that said, one lesson I took from bartending is you should know what things taste like. If a person asks, you can tell them, and get a good sale, if not an awesome tip or great conversation.

I decided to try Bourbon! At first, I thought it was for older southern men who sit on the porch. What I found is the flavored Bourbon actually was really good.

We first have ‘better than N.E. 1’. This drink was real smooth and easy to make.


I next tried making a shot call ‘yo hooters’ into a drink. I didn’t like it at all. Cherry nyquil on ice.

Now get this, we had a slight swerve in the middle of the week!

Say wha?

Yes. A challenge(which anyone can present to me) was submitted to try to a) recreate a drink posted and b)change it because another person hated melon liquor.

First, shout out to tipsy bartender! Love that page! I get my motivation from there. This time they posted a drink called ‘Eve’s apple’, which was awesome!


Very pretty! Apple juice, sour apple vodka, midori, and sweet and sour mix.

Of course you want to know my version. I call it ‘Eve’s Berry juice’.


Also very tasty. White cranberry strawberry juice, strawberry vodka, chambord, and sweet and sour.

I have other Bourbon drinks to try and made from stretch but that will be this weekend!

Enjoy until Sunday!


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