Bar 101: staying warm when over 21


I haven’t done a serious bar entry in ages….

Welp I’m doing it today! Here we go.

Its getting cooler outside. Spiked
hot cocoa isn’t just the only thing to have around the house.


Here we have a sweet harvest sangria. I took riesling, cranberries, grapes, and pears, added apple cider, and black cherry rum. It’s marinading in my fridge. Tastes great and would be perfect for Thanksgiving.


Next up is pear margarita. Same way to make a margarita but with pears and pear nectar. I love it because its sweet but still your classic margarita.


I ventured out and got lucky! Homemade moonshine. I had everclear aka death juice, and wanted a way to use it. Well hot damn I created my own pumpkin moonshine! Pumpkin puree, apple cider, cinnamon, allspice, and brown sugar. Boiled it down, and once cooled off added the everclear and whipped vodka. Tastes just like pie with a kick. Yeah…….Lol.

We got my cranberry creamiscle, mapleĀ  apple cooler, and apple pie martini in part 2. Enjoy!


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