Creative Halloween…..f*** the stress.

I’m such a slacker, in a sense.

I have taken on another role, that I have been doing off and on, but now, I ready to finish.

College Student.

My major officially is English with an emphasis in Creative Writing/Non-Fiction.

I never thought of it, but I write so much, it’s ridiculous. I was so tempted to choose screenwriting(since my original major was theater), but there is so much you can do with this degree, I’m so excited. The drive is there, and I’m ready to get done.

So, it leads me into this posting.

Being creative. Here’s the skivvy on what you do in this situation:

My youngest always seems to pick the most expensive costume for Halloween. This year she chose Monster High’s Frankie. Now, I normally just go get the costume, no harm, no foul……unless it’s too damn expensive. Well, Monster High Frankie was $40.00.

Excuse my stressed out mama language, but fuck that shit, and the watered down versions of these monsters.

First, I love the classics. Dracula, wolf man, Frankenstein, all of them. Every Halloween, I watch scary movies, old and new. Hell, this weekend, I’m checking out ‘Wolves’ and ‘Horns’. When I heard they were making a girl friendly version of these monsters, I was excited for my little one.

I saw them, and I first thought, did they kill of the bratz dolls or something? This is rude, but she loves it. I posted her birthday party, as you guys saw, and she loved that theme. As mom, one of the unspoken rules is if keeps them entertained without harm to anyone or your wallet, you grin and bare it.

When I saw the price, my line was drawn. I sat and thought, ‘How can I get her costume without breaking bank?’

Well, she’s no different than us. We picked ideas that I could get from the thrift store, and she was no different. She would have Monster High Frankie, but in my creation. A true Monster High original. The costume that was created was blue, and had a ‘bride of Frankenstein’ feel, but in my opinion, wasn’t the true bride of Frankenstein. I remember her being scary, and if she was around now, I think she would be punk rock, which is what we are doing. We changed the color to pink, and I’m doing more face make up. I’m using a can of pink dye spray, one of her many pink shirts layered with a black long sleeve shirt. She has this annoying pink tutu skirt, that no matter how many times I’ve thrown it away, it somehow makes it back into her clothes, and me washing it. I paired that up with it, and some black capris, in case its cold. I got hair spray to tease her hair to make it stand up, and put the ink streaks in it, and all I have to figure out is the bolts to go on her neck, in true Frankenstein fashion.

My costs: $12.00

Yeah, I did my pimp strut, aka Ric Flair strut all the way to the car.

My daughter, who is 15, will be next. I will shop for her and I at the goodwill this Monday. She wanted to be Blue Tiger from Tiger and Bunny, it’s an anime she got me hooked to. Great stuff.

Moral to the story: Don’t sell out on these holidays. Don’t stress out either. Remember that creativity. Remember to actually have fun. I know I am once you guys see once I have in store for you! I’ll post her costume on the facebook page!


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  1. Favorite phrase — “Excuse my stressed out mama language but…” Trust me, I’m gonna lead with that line next time my inner sailor girl emerges! Sounds like a great costume and yeah, Halloween is pricy.


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