Switching up a classic sunday dish

This post is a double post.

Cooking, and new product.

Say wha?

Yeah peeps, I’m doubling up on posts. Why? Cause that’s how I roll.

Originally, I want to try out oven fried chicken in a crock pot. Problem? I took a nap, and overslept.

Well, we remembered our motto around here, and on this blog: we make it work.

I got up, and just did fried chicken. We did use the crock pot, but I shall get into that later!

I created peach mango fried chicken. It came out fabulous!

I threw two eggs, a can of harvest flavored peaches(del monte), and some of my mango flavored puree in the blender, and blended really good. Transferred the mix into a bowl, and put it to the side. Then in a plastic bag, I used……wait for it…….gluten free flour!


Yes. My mom went on a gluten free diet, because of health issues. She asked me to experiment with gluten free flour.

I’ll make my product review short: It wasn’t any different, didn’t even taste different. Bad thing was the cost. No poor or working class person will pay 7.69 plus taxes for 2.5 pounds of flour. If they figure out better cost for the flour, I would definitely make the change.

I put the flour in a bag with salt, pepper and paprika. We proceeded to dip the thighs and drumsticks in the egg mix, and then in the flour to shake, and fry. Sweet and tangy was the result.


I turned my attention to my apples. I always wanted to see how baked apples tasted. I’ve had friends tell me how good they were, but never had them. Of course, I never do anything traditional. I always make them my own. No different here!

what in the blue hell did she do?

As you see, I used the crockpot. I hallowed out the apples and added……wait for it…… butter pecan cake. I call it caramel pecan apples. My kids loved them so much, I didn’t get any.


Between checking on the chicken, and those, I made seasoned green beans with onions, and sweet potatoes, grandma style.



This is the finished product. Let me tell you, I got one thigh, and one drumstick. That’s it. There was no leftovers to put away. I like dinners like those. If you can afford the gluten free flour, I advice to use it. Its not different than regular flour, just be prepared to pay a high price for it. Maybe check out the bulk section of your big box store near you to see if you can buy it in bulk.


I’ll be skipping cooking this week, to get ready for the Halloween blog next week!


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