A little more into our lives.

Howdy friends!

I’m currently waiting for my school’s IT department to open. I still have issues with my email working so, I figure I’ll give them a ring and fix the issue today. I’m really ready to tackle my homework. LOL. Remember, I’m weird like that.

In the meantime, I figure I would open up a little bit more about me and how I got here. This exact spot of creating, and why this project is so important to me.

As you read earlier in my blogs, I have three kids, 16, 15, and 9.5. We are like most, making it paycheck to paycheck. I stay home because I have two disabled children. My eldest was diagnosed with an auto immune disease that caused him to have seizures from the time he was 2yrs old. He had a hemispheroctomy in Sept of 2008. Spent his 10th birthday recovering in UCLA childrens hospital.

I’m going to go on record, it was organized chaos trying to manage, but we made it work until the surgery. I would say most if not all my organization that I share with you came from adjusting my life of being a young mom, to a being a young mom of a disabled child.

Now, we still have organized chaos, but it’s different. My middle child was diagnosed with social anxiety and depression in 2009. My ex and I were splitting up, and it was nasty. I learned things I rather not go into here because it’s negative energy.

As you see, we don’t promote or feed into negativity energy/vibes around here. We turn it into positive things. Though I got the physical disabilities issues down, this was a new area for me. I’m learning everyday how to tackle depression and her anxiety, and really to make common sense the center of our lives.

That craziness of organizing, cooking, product reviews, and bartending come from different reasonings in my life.

Example: My cooking and shopping tradition came from the fact my son’s seizures were just the center of my life at one time. I had to time everything out to the last second to get things done, but still watch him. I knew I could afford two hours of sitting to get bills paid and shopping done, if my mom wasn’t around to help. Once home, I kept and eye on him and my daughter while breaking down groceries, and planning out meals, meds, and doctors appointments. Add on being on budget.

Now I continue it because it’s cheap, and frankly I have no patience going back and forth to the store. LOL. Why should you? So much easier to get things done in one trip then weekly visits to the store.

I make it my life mission to maintain stability even if it seem crazy to others. Between extra curricular activities, school, and family life you have no choice, right? I was visiting with a friend of mine one day, who I became friends with her through my youngest child. She’s quite the social ADHD butterfly. We were talking about getting organized for school and the kids, and I went into my ‘craziness’, and she and another mom were like, you need to blog or write a book on that!

Well, Shot of common sense was born from a conversation. Of course now I’m getting more comfortable in blogging this way, I’ll share more of the crazy life of common sense mommy. I manage the house since the government(social security) told me that you need to stay home to care for these disabled kids, and I’m ok with that. I began to make things work for us within our means. I also plan to take this to the next level of building my business of a restaurant in the future.

Each part of the blog I write is to help that parent/guardian keep it together. To help keep what little sanity they have left. LOL. That creating, thrifting, and organizing isn’t a bad thing. It’s awesome. It helps teach lessons to your children you never thought would be possible in this day in age. The other day, my daughter and I were discussing sewing her cosplay costume for anime club. Now, I know most of you are thinking ‘I can’t sew’, or, ‘what time do I have to do that?’ Trust you have it, it’s organizing your time wisely. As for the learning, you tube and google become your new bff. Trust me, if I don’t know, I use my internet like no tomorrow. Hell I just used it yesterday to create Monster High Frankie for the youngest to attend her Halloween party, and yes it was a hit!

I hope sharing more with you shows I’m not superwoman, I’m just a mom who uses common sense. That I think ahead, and sometimes it means it’s not always easy to get the task done, but in the long run helps make the household run smoothly. That I make sure my kids remember to have some common sense in their lives, and that material things aren’t the most important thing in life. Enjoying the life you have is.



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