Homemade Halloween results

Halloween party one took place yesterday.

I put my creative juices to work, and made Ms. HyperDiva into my version of Monster High Frankie. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it may be, but I did it. I was more hoping she wouldn’t throw her tantrum of ‘why can’t we just buy the costume’.

Now, don’t get wrong, I love each of my babies equally. I got Super Samurai, my 16 year old, who is independent as much as he can be, but a man of few words, and tons of action. We then have wise one, my 15 year old, who I swear is truly an old woman reincarnated into a 15 year old body. Not in the sense of complaining or anything, but her insight is just truly amazing for her age.

These two are my chilled out ones. They never gave me grief on anything really, including needing to fit in. They made their own way.

Ms. HyperDiva, yeah well you always have that one that has to do everything else they everyone is doing. Her friends are doing monster high, so she has to, too. Well, as I posted, we made her costume as it should be. Here’s the results:



It was a hit at the party, and Ms. HyperDiva loved it. She’ll wear it again tomorrow for her girl scout/boy scout trunk or treat meeting, and of course for Halloween, and our party here Friday night. She’s at that age were I’m teaching her being different is a great thing, and not being like everyone else is what you should do in life. Of course with her being ADHD its a task, but I love challenges. It’s what keeps me on my toes.

So tell me what you think? Are you going to take that risk of being different, getting your hands dirty and owning it? It more fun and cheaper if you do…….LOL


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