You love me, you really love me!

Holy Snapples!

A lot has happened since Monday, good and bad, but you know what? I rolled with it better than a tootsie roll.


Oh I’m sorry, I’m trying to be good and stick to my weight loss. I haven’t cut anything out really, just cut my portions down. Not really changed anything but trying to push more water.

Anyway, I taught myself to link my facebook and twitter page. I know, it’s simple, yet I didn’t know. Sad really. I’m thinking about making an instagram account for the blog, but it maybe overkill. I’m not trying to pull a Kardashian takeover. No offense to anyone who loves them. LOL

From a distance, I’ve been following, reading and chiming in on new favorite blog/facebook pages. Even as I sit here now, I’m still getting to know everyone who has stopped by and welcomed me into their worlds with open arms. This post is for you. I welcome you to my unique, weird, boozy, nerdy way of parenting life I call common sense.

The traffic today has been crazy is an extremely good way! It makes me happy that everyone can read, catch up, and follow along with my weird warped thinking. Then again, I don’t think it’s weird. Maybe to others, but to me it’s normal. It’s taking old school views and traditions and bring them up to date with making new ones of my own.

Right now, for example, Ms. Hyperdiva is upstairs having her Skype visit with her dad, and the other two are downstairs with me watching a marathon of The Simpsons. These treehouse of terrors are awesome! LOL. We are making sure costumes fit, and getting ready to discuss carving this steroid pumpkin I bought. We love Svengoolie(google it), so maybe I’ll print out a stencil of his face.

In any event. I say welcome. Welcome to my organized craziness of cooking, bartending, gaming, and saving money with old school methods. It’s what I do. I make common sense of my life, including being a mommy. I hope you can jump on that train that so many seemed to have missed. LOL.

Love ya newbies and OGs!


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