I’m going to vote! After I locate my glasses…..did you?


Howdy Peeps!

Don’t think I haven’t remembered the Halloween posts. I didn’t forget, I trying to go through pictures to post here. I should have the blogs up later today, at the latest tomorrow.

Right now, I’m going to throw my thoughts out here on something else.


As a Black Female, I’m very involved in politics. I grew up around it. My grandfather and mother showed me the way you should be. My grandfather is a registered Democrat, but since the Reagan Presidency, wrote to every president to give ideas to work together to build up poor areas of the country, putting people back to work, and helping out single moms become more independent. He also majorly pushed for better ethnic relations.

(Side note, since taking Sociology classes, it’s not race relations, because we are all the same race, we are different ethnic groups. Remember that. LOL)

My mother, when I was younger, was pushed to lobby for welfare parents, and how hard it is. It’s not bad now, but it’s not much better either. That’s another blog that I could get into but not the point of this one.

This one is geared towards my 18-35 year olds. My group of people. Apparently we never vote in midterm elections. We don’t care. Here’s a little crash course in political science 101: the president signs in laws. Congress makes them. Courts enforce them. You don’t like how congress is working, or making laws, you got to vote in these elections too. Presidential is important, but these are just as important, if not even more. You can’t bitch, moan, or complain if you sit at home, no matter who or which way you vote. I like to think I’m an independent if I really pushed to list myself. I like the theory of having more than two parties in the system. I call myself a registered coffee party member. LOL. Yes I think the tea party has ‘issues’ to say the least.

I just want to say, I’m a well educated mom, who pays attention. My motto is as long as it doesn’t cost my family money or harm them, do what you want. You pay taxes just like I do, who cares. When I become well off, I won’t gripe about paying more in taxes. I don’t believe that politicians should be getting paid the amounts(either side) they get paid to be in politics. I think teachers, policeman, firefighters, and military people should get those wages. Being in the government is a choice. You want to help your fellow people progress in life. Our fore fathers didn’t take anything to build this country, why should you make tons of buttloads of money when your performance is worse than a drunken one night stand.

I could go on and on. LOL. I’ll say this. I will vote today. I hope the new congress, how ever it plays out, actually get things done. That the word ‘compromise’ comes back to play. That legalizing pot, immigration, student loan debt, and raising minimum wage are seriously dealt with. That more programs for our military soldiers are pushed and more programs for small businesses are created to help the minorities in this country, like myself. We, as in the people, have to let these congress people know, getting nothing done doesn’t work. Everyone suffers, and the bickering has to end.

If you want to know, just to put the last nail in the coffin, I’m for the ACA that was passed. I now can get my family awesome insurance without the pre-conditions holding us back.

I know I’m taking a risk by posting this blog entry, but I feel as a young mom, we need to say something. As a 18-35 year old, we need to be taken more seriously. As a Mixed(Jewish, Indian, African, French, and more in process) American, we need to be heard and represented. As a parent, I want my kids to come back to read this and say, ‘hey mom took a stance, and tried to get others to take one to, no matter what they believed’.

That’s the goal of the post. Go Vote. If you have, awesome! If not, at least it gets you out of work for an hour. LOL. Besides, last time I voted, they had free Jimmy John’s Chocolate chip cookies for Ms. HyperDiva and myself. They were awesome! Cause you know I’m all for the samples of food!

If I lose fans for this post, I’m sorry, then again, I’m not. LOL. If you stay or your new, welcome to the common sense era of blogging.


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