Bar 101 – Mommy’s Halloween Bash!


As I planned, my party was to be a family friendly party, but adult drinks served.

The awesome thing of no shows, is that there is more for you. I split up this entry because there was a lot of liquor introduced, and me being wasted is entertaining(ask my other half) but I feel it in the morning. So in the pictures you’ll see, I split up drinks while watching my creepy, spooky documentaries, movies, and reality shows, like the ghost adventures Halloween special. Loved they went to Ireland to investigate ghost and ancient myths!

We are going to kick things off with a do it yourself project that will wow your guest at any party. I read on black vodka being sold in different stores, and would be awesome to use at Halloween parties. I also thought, why buy it if I can make it? I mean I’m common sense mommy, anyway I can save money and make something my own, you know I’m all over it!

I made black vodka at home. Real simple, quick, and doesn’t alter any flavor to the alcohol. I chose vanilla vodka, since vanilla is an easy flavor to mix. You add blue, red, and green drops of food coloring, shake it up, BOOM, you got creepy black vodka. Cost: 7 bucks with taxes. Love it!


The first actual drink I chose was called goblin’s blood. Pictured is café patron and goldschlager. Spicy but tasty. This shot hit me reallyu quick, so I advise to not go anywhere if drinking this. That, this is a ‘drink at home away from manwhores’ shot. If not, well you may be doing the walk of shame from a ugly guy’s house in the morning.


Next up is the Black Magic screwdriver. This is where the black vodka comes in. You also need to be semi-good at your layering skills if you want this look pretty and impress your guest. The banana orange juice went well with the vanilla vodka. Not too strong but great flavors.


The Zombie Cocktail is for pros at drinking. Three different rums in this drink. Eat before consuming, not dairy people! I will say this, it will become a regular in this house. Even though it’s got a ton of rum, with the flavors I chose, it’s sweet and tasty, but not overbearing. I warn it will hut you fast as well. Put that on the not near manwhore list as well.


Ghostbuster. Great pretty drink. I forewarn, I was tipsy at this point, but made it to see what it looked like. I used bailey’s caramel, and it turned out too sweet for me, so must use original bailey’s, but still gave the ghost effect.


The following week, Halloween, I continued my mixing and tasting!

We first had the vampire shot. Great simple shot to mix and serve. The color gives that spooky feel, and a tame shot. In other words, you don’t feel anything……at first. If you have enough of them, well you may dance like Eileen from Seinfield.



This is the witches brew. It looks the same, but tastes very different. Very smooth. No harshness or discomfort, which I like. I shouldn’t feel like death drinking(moonshine or everclear). Again, fruity, and easy to make.


We then made the brain cocktail. The taste is really sweet! I’ll work on it, but the illusion of brains in a jar is awesome!


My last shot I created personally was called werewolf’s paw. It’s not pictured because I lost the recipe, but I figure I’m just write about it in spirit. Since I’m been making my shots in my tall shot glasses, I chose four different flavors to mix. Equal parts of Bailey’s caramel, Frangelico, Café Patron, and Crème de Cacao. A sweet chocolate hazelnut drink with a kick.

These are my Halloween go to drinks. To get the scariness going, but fun all at the same time. I hope you try them out, and let me know what you think!



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