Cooking and Baking 101 – Halloween Party!

Hey, Hey, Hey!

I have edited pictures and got everything together to put my Halloween post together! Now, I planned a lot, but due to unforeseen circumstances, not everyone showed, but it was ok! We had fun, and tons of candy left over!

Ok! I thought long and hard on what I wanted to make, how things were done, and making this holiday kick ass! I managed to do all of that and some. Let get into it.

Each piece of food had a Halloween theme of some sort. First up, my jack o lantern pies. Very easy to make, and not long to bake either. Pictured here, it was real easy, sloppy joe meat as the filler, with cheese(my kids love cheese), and decorating the pie shells. You mix butter, and food coloring to get the orange tint. My goofy self forgot the food coloring, so I used what I had left over, reasoning for purple jack o lanterns. LOL.


We next have zombie eyeballs. As you see they are basically spooky deviled eggs. Maybe I should have called them that? LOL. Anywho, this too, was really easy, and majority of the work was done the night before. Secret to this is the blending the “meat” of the eyeballs to have a smooth texture. Easier to handle too. Again, food coloring was involved, to give the illusion of dead eyeballs. Green in the “meat”, and overnight yellow for the outer layer of eyeballs. you add the olive for the details of the eye, and I added paprika for the bloodshot feel. Kids and guest loved them. I should have made more.




I made “spiders”(chocolate dipped strawberries and “mummies”(white chocolate dipped bananas), which tasted good, but the process didn’t work out so well do to wrong chocolates used. Candy melts would have given the better texture, but they tasted awesome no matter the  presentations. Secret is freezing the fruit for 15 mins max. That’s where it was messed up. I froze them overnight and it came out wrong, but that’s ok. They will be kept around for next year Halloween for sure!


The best success of the night! My candy corn parfaits! I loved making these for the kids. At this point, my teens were in my room playing ‘the evil within’ and enjoying themselves. Ms. HyperDiva came in for the third time of trick or treating with a great amount of candy. Shout out to my neighborhood for giving out candy. I didn’t think they would after last year’s turn out.

I made the pudding the night before and stored it in the refrigerator to set. You want to use cook and serve. The texture comes out better. You can use instant if crunched for time, but you have to be quick in the layering process if you go that route. I used vanilla pudding because vanilla is overbearing on taste. in the yellow layer, you mix in white chocolate while the pudding is cooking. The orange layer is created by…….wait for it……..pumpkin Hershey kisses! Yes, take a bag for each box, and it gives the orange tint you would need to create the oversized candy corn. The white layer is nothing but whipped cream. Might I add these were a hit with the kids. This too, I’m keeping for next year.


Overall, Halloween was fun, and a success. I think we will make the Halloween party a tradition here. My kids are getting older, and still love to dress up, but the trick or treat aspect is not what it used to be. They do love to pig out though, and since this common sense mommy knows what they like, it’s really easy to entertain.


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