Game Product Review – WWE 2K15

After the failed attempt of renting this game the first time, we finally got the actual game to play!


Here’s my review of WWE 2K15!

I rented the game, because again, I wanted to see if it was worth the buy for Super Samurai and myself. You see, the XBOX 360 and PS3 version is out right now, and the PS4 and XBOX one version isn’t out until November 18th.

First strike. I don’t care about ‘improving the product’, considering you are the same company that made WWE 2K14, which was awesome. Splitting up the release dates sound more like backstage politics than anything. Google CM Punk if you really want the story.

In any event, we got the game, installed it the first time, and yeah doesn’t work. I don’t blame WWE for this, it’s the old switch the disk out of the rental case, and return it to redbox trick. Whatever. Get the game, try it again, BOOM, we got gameplay.

Controls are easy to pick up to play, and game is not  difficult to follow. Now, to explain why I say that, Super Samurai is disabled as you guys know. He lost all use of limbs on the right side of his body. One of the ways doctors and us(my ex and I) wanted to try to get his motors skills to a certain baseline on the right side, and keep his left side in tact and make stronger was playing on the Nintendo Wii. Well, after years of that, he has since moved up to the XBOX. Now, we couldn’t get use of the right hand. It was a lost cause, but that left hand, let me tell you, he plays just as good, if not better than a kids with both hands.

In any event, we played and had a great time! The graphics were awesome as always. WWE franchise hasn’t really disappointed me in this area. Always entertaining when it comes to video gaming. I love the aspect of making your own wrester. Ms. HyperDiva made a female version of sting(for all my old school fans out there), which was easy to make, plenty of choices, and easy for the 9 year old to pick up as well.

The story mode is great to play, and loved how we were able play out some of the best moments in history(Cena vs. CM Punk WWE Championship, where Punk walks out with the belt. It was great).

It’s a great game. My problem is it’s a downgrade from last year. This should be an expansion pack. I loved 30 years of wrestlemania. This time around it’s two major feuds and that’s it. NXT add on could have been better, but maybe I’m looking at this like a fan. I just expected more. I will buy it because it was made for the younger fans(my kids), and not for me, at least that’s what I gather. The new fans. I’m an old school fan, but I also expect to have a lot included for 65.00 after taxes.

My rating: 7.5 german suplexes out of 10. The graphics and game play don’t disappoint at all. I expected more. If you are buying this for your young ones though, they will love it, and that still has me sold to buy the game.


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