Black Friday: It should be called grown ass stupid dodgeball.


Hey Peeps!

So I shouldn’t have to clue you in on this blog because you already know by the name what we are talking about.

This craziness needs to end, please you guys. I want to clue you in on somethings, and hopefully it may change your mind.

Now, I’m all for deals, but I value my family time, and my life. LOL. I used to work for Walmart way back in 2007(like it was a long time ago, LOL). I was excited since it was during the holiday season, and  had three kids at home. My experience in that store has really scorned me from shopping there unless I’m desperate.

One of the first secrets I learned, if you don’t know, is the items for 200(huge tvs or computers), they have a quantity of five or less. It’s really unfair to advertise these items as if the stores have a big amount and they don’t.

Another secret to this store, is the employee discount during the holidays. Now I know you all have read the pay at this store is lousy, and it is, but to give a coupon for 10% off one item is ridiculous, after having to work in conditions like black Friday, or having to work Christmas eve.

Lastly, I decided to leave after upper management asked me to work off the clock. It’s something of the main dirty secret they don’t speak of too often, but I’m glad it’s being addressed in the media now.

With that said, why do black Friday shopping? Why look like these crazy people in these photos?


I made a conscious decision of shopping small business Saturday, cyber Monday, or the true secret is last minute Christmas shopping at Kmart. Since I love you guys, I’m going to clue you in on a secret of mine.

Kmart is open Christmas eve later than anyone, except Walmart. Here’s the kicker. As you walk around, they are marking down all kinds of merchandise to get you to buy more. One year, I bought Super Samurai a Tonka Truck. Normally, it was 25.00, I walked out with it for 10.00! Yes, I got a ton of gifts for my kids and family for 250.00 for 120.00!

I mainly say this because, if you are truly grateful, why turn the holiday into something superficial and embarrassing? Why not put the money into your local community? Why not take it a step further, like in our house this year, and do a creative homemade gift?

No TV, toy, or electronic is worth the craziness. Keep in mind the money you are spending aren’t going to those employees that sacrifice their family time to let you act a plum fool in the store. So in my house, my family, friends, and close people will be getting homemade gifts or if I chose to buy actual gifts, it won’t be until after thanksgiving in my local community.  Life isn’t worth that craziness.

If I shop, I’ll be in my PJS, with my hot cocoa cruising online checking for deals. I’m leaning more towards homemade because it’s about the thought and appreciation of gift giving. It could be worse, you could end up not getting a damn thing from me. LOL. That’s just being honest.

I will post my gifts on the page here in the next couple weeks, since what I decided on will take a while to make. It’s going to be good, and easy enough for you guys to do too!

As the holidays approach, keep the true meaning of whatever you celebrate in mind. It’s not about a ghetto version of an UFC match over a TV or a frozen doll. It’s about being thankful, and celebrating your family. Also if you want to know why Walmart, target, or big store employees have an attitude, remember, they get paid shit for work. You would have an attitude too.

I’m off to research my idea for my Christmas gift, and hopefully I didn’t piss anyone off, I’m just trying to get back to the common sense view of this ride called life.


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