Being born near/on thanksgiving is meh…..

Barely awake.

Did I ever tell you guys, though I get up early with my kids and clients, I’m not a morning person. LOL. One of my side benefits from blogging is it keeps me awake. Of course today, it just hit me. 5 days, and another year older.

I’m grateful that I’m another year older. For some reason, it just is like those milestone birthdays though. I’m planning to go to Europe once I hit my 40th. I’m a history major(minor), and have been dying to see old ruins of the greeks and romans.

For now, I’ll be driving to my family’s home, and cooking for the holiday. The kids want to see the new penguins movie, and for me, that’s all I really want. I guess it’s growing older that I rather have minimal birthdays now. Just family and friends hanging out, and a cake. That will never change. I LOVE CAKE! LOL.

I think it also has to do with being a parent. Your priorities change, and big shit you thought was important just isn’t.  To be honest, I’m more excited at the fact my car was fixed and it was a little issue opposed to a huge one. To add icing on the cake, Super Samurai took a shower without me reminding him! You guys just don’t know how much that fight drained me. This boy……that’s another blog.

So off I go to run errands to get ready for next week, and try to get homework done.

That coma sleep after thanksgiving will be the best gift ever.


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  1. jsackmom says:

    It’s those little things that matter the most. A 40 th birthday in Europe sounds amazing. Thank you for this blog, it made me happy reading this b😊


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