Sad day, but don’t let it rule you.

It’s my birthday eve. Three days before Thanksgiving, and the decision of the Mike Brown Case has emerged. My heart is heavy for the parents of this young man still. You are NEVER supposed to bury your children before yourself.

With that said, this case hits home because of the rights that were violated in this case. That a young man was shot so many times, after giving in. I’m not saying he was innocent, I’m saying no one should die that way. My grandfather was in the Air Force, trained to defend himself if needed. My parents were marines, and ALL say is you shoot in last resort. If one is surrendering or already subdued, no further shots were needed.

This is a human rights issue.

I get scared.

I get scared for super samurai. He has to have things repeated to him a lot just because of his level of comprehension. As I have gotten older and witnessed different national cases of human rights issues, and now this surge of young men getting shot first and questions asked later, it’s not about ethnic back round, it’s about an abuse of power. It’s thinking you can do what you want and not be held accountable for it. Though as a African American female this isn’t new in our community, it’s reaching into everyone’s house. It’s not about color.

I get scared for wise one, can handle she own, but will shut down in certain cases. That Ms. Hyperdiva doesn’t understand why if you do wrong you aren’t in trouble. It’s hard to explain with out making it sound like I’m an angry racist. I’m not believe it or not. I love everyone but assholes.

I do wish before people get mad about the race issue, that if in my shoes, what would you do? Race does play a role, but is not the main issue. It’s basic human rights are being violated. Happens to be this young man was Black.

This incident is messed up to put lightly, but my point is I hope for us as a nation will truly look what is going on. In cities of Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Cleveland, Dayton and Ferguson, things are happening, all the same. As the demographics change in this country, it’s time to have conversations about human rights.

It is sad that I have to explain to my kids about things like this. These are things my mom and grandparents grew up with. They fought, military and peaceful protest, for myself and my kids to have basic better rights, yet I feel like we are going backwards. Again, my opinion is on a bias side a bit as an African American female, but I also feel with talking about our difference with each other will bring us together, just like food and booze! LOL.

If I offended anyone, I’m sorry, wasn’t my intention. It’s to make you think. Ask yourself this, “do you want your child(children) having to correct this mess? Do you want to want to be scared sending you kids or loved ones out knowing that this could happen?”

Reform in our legal system needs to be done. From the bottom to the top. To recognize we are human, and to remember that in the heat of the moment.

I’ll pray for the city of Ferguson. I pray that we can come together and see each other as humans and have patience to think before acting even if in the heat of the moment, because if not, we will be the death of us. Not Isis, not Ebola, or obesity. Hating and disrespecting each will.

Stay safe everyone.


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  1. jsackmom says:

    Excellent blog, very well written. I agree these are the scariest times for our children to be living in! And this is the time to start having those tough conversations. I fear for my kids who I’m raising to be kind, and respectful and to take care of themselves. When so many others are not, or kill or be killed mentality. I will join you in pray for Ferguson, that we will become more patient with one another instead exerting our power.

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    1. buttercuppieces2013 says:

      Yes! It takes kindness, being open mined and patience to get along. I think as a society we forgot that.

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      1. jsackmom says:

        I agree it’s now become survival of the fittest, and kindness and respect have unfortunately got lost along the way. 😔


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