25 Holly Days! What’s that?

25 holly days

Hey peeps!

I’ve been distant a little bit due to the eye issue, but still working on projects, and I think this will be the biggest one yet. As you see, a lot of content is checked because a lot is going to be covered.

I like to call it 25 Holly Days. Each day is something different for the holiday season. Some are things that you can continue past the season, and some are just for the season. The goal is to celebrate the simplicity of the holidays. To get back to making things stress free, or as stress free as possible.

Little baking, cocktailing, cooking, family time, and something my family and I started, giving back. Not saying we have a lot to give, but as you’ll see, it’s not always about money.

Each day, either through picture or video(yup I’m trying back at video again), we will cover all kinds of stuff! I’m excited since it means, a blog a day. It also really lets you into my household and crazy brain.

I also want to clarify, it isn’t just about Christmas. I have relatives who celebrate Hanukkah as well as nothing at all, but people close to me are always in some type of festive mood this time of year. With that said, everything will be incorporated into this posts.

I hope everyone enjoys the challenge I put on myself, but that it also challenges you to really think about where you are, and what the true meanings or these holidays are.

Love you guys!



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