Day one of 25 Holly Days!

Are guys excited like myself?!

I mean, I’m as excited as I can be at 6:59am, but hey it’s there, and that’s all that matters!

As we began this journey, I want to stress again, these are suggestions. These are ways to keep you and your family in the spirit of the holidays, and possibly start new traditions along with celebrating old ones. It’s also an insight to our family here of things we do or plan to do.

On to it!

day 1

Day one of 25 Holly Days: Adopt a family

This concept has been around for decades, in secret of course, because who wants everyone to know your having a hard time? My family has been on both ends of receiving help and giving help. I have to say it’s nice to give back. One thing most people don’t realize is it’s not about just money. It’s the time spent as well. In some cases, it’s Christmas gifts, in others it’s clothing. In rare cases it’s more than that.

I’ve received them all, including relief in help when Super Samurai was worse off. The hour or two that was given to me helped out a lot when things were tough. To know that people were willing to come in and help out in my situation without complaints or a catch. Just to entertain him while I study for a test or just take a nap was fabulous.

In most cases it’s monetary or grocery help. Take it a step further. Don’t just stop after the new year. Check in and see if the family still needs help. Remember, Adoption isn’t temporary. Sometimes it’s only needed for that time, sometimes it’s needed longer.

On the giving end, it shows your kids that Christmas isn’t just about the flashy gifts. It’s about helping out your neighbor who may not have as much as you do. Now, of course in a perfect world, this should happen all the time, but a lot of us feel more compelled to do it during this time of year.

We are doing it, but we decided as a family it wasn’t just gifts and clothes. It’s help around their household. It’s information to uplift and pass on. The same way we had help. To do this makes sure that this time next year the family is in a better place, and they can pass it along too.

If you are reading this and you need help, contact your local welfare or salvation army office. Those two have really great connections to help you out during this time. Also ask you children’s school social worker. They too have ways of connecting you to the right agency to help. Don’t think your too good or be embarrassed to get help. At some point everyone struggles and I personally think as humans, we should help our follow neighbor. Even if it’s a gift card for food, rides to work, or 100 dollars for gifts/bills.

It helps to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. No judgment, no personal gain. Just to keep in mind, you may need that help one day in your life too. As you continue your shopping, think in the back of your mind, do I really need that expensive gift, or can I spare my wallet and/or time to help out a family less fortunate then mine?

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