Day 2: Candy Striping, and not the striper outfit.

Why I’m up this late, I couldn’t tell you. Since I am……….

Let’s keep 25 Holly Days going!

Day 2: Candy Striping

Now, that’s what they call them back in the day, now they are just Hospital Volunteers. We, in the western world, tend to treat the disabled and elderly a little different then are counterparts. During this time of year, their are people in hospital or nursing home alone for multiple reasons.

No reason they should be alone. They should have someone to enjoy the holidays with, no matter what their upbringing is. It’s heartbreaking when you see an elderly person in the hospital with no family. The time you are sitting on the couch complaining you have nothing to watch or nothing to do, you could be making someone’s day.

I have spent tons of time with the elderly, learning very good lessons, hearing hilarious stories, and teaching them new things they may not know. For kids, it gives them insight on history, and lessons to be humble.

If interested, check into your local hospital or contact your local nursing home. Everyone should feel great during the holidays, and blood doesn’t make family. Effort and loyalty does.

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    Where is the vote button?


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