What is the purpose of the page…….Well…….

As I wrote in my personal blog, it really dawned on me today.

‘I’m a franchise. I have many talents and plan to use them all to the best of my ability’.

It took me 15 years of hitting brick walls to realize that. I’m an mother, actress, writer, and entrepreneur. I’m a brand, and I now have began to take that seriously. I told family and friends of plans of what I choose to do, and you guys know of some of them, but I’m officially going on record to say what the plan is.

Now, as you read, I put I’m an actress. It’s my first love. If you told me I would make 30,000 a year acting, I’d take it. In my family, you do what you love, because you’ll take it seriously, it’s not just a job, and you take pride in it. I love the art of it. I love the stage, the process and the hard work that goes into it.

I’m a mother first, and that comes before anything. Anyone in the business will tell you, it’s long hours, and unless you have a nanny or making really great money, you can’t do your job unless the kids are on break. I normally do it, but recently, my location put a hindrance on the career path I have. It’s ok, because it will always be there, and even after my audition for the last transformers movie(yep, auditioned for that), I still got it.

I slowly began to realize the other goals I had, and began to embrace them. I began to also see that they fit into our family. That we could make these ideas into something bigger for us.

This is where the announcement from me comes into play. My kids and I love getting the kitchen for different things, more me then them, but still the passion was there. Super Samurai is even starting his culinary arts program after the holiday break.

I’ve always wanted my own restaurant. After working in so many of them, I knew the ins and outs, and loved to cook and bake. I see my kitchen as a chemistry lab, and once I became a licensed bartender it made that seed grow.

We will have our restaurant. I just didn’t realize it was a family dream. Of course it takes money. This why I wrote this blog. I began another resolution today. Of course I choose to do this before finals, because remember peeps, I’m nutty, and we roll with it!

Family and close friends knew of my idea, and really close friends really have supported and encouraged the decision I made, and the announcement I’m making here.

I’m working on becoming a published hard copy author. I’m trying to write a book on food and cocktails. I haven’t decided to combine them or make them separate, but I have began the process of deciding what is going in, and what I’m keeping exclusively for the restaurant.

200 recipes.

Again, I’m nutty.

I wanted to tell you this because the goal is for you guys to see what the end goal is. I invite you to take that trip with me on the whole process. It’s why I live and feed off of feedback.

There you go. You may have thought you just joined a facebook page of crazy ideas, or a blog of ideas, but I have a master plan for it all. As you soon learn, I have a reason for everything. You may not see what the reason is or understand it, but I have a reason.

Keep ya posted!


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