Day 3: Taking a break

We’ve volunteered, and helped out the community as best as we can. We approach Day 3!

Taking a break.

During these times of the year, people stress.

Trying to make sure they have enough money to buy gifts, planning who’s house to celebrate at, what exactly to buy, and do you really want to go to that relatives house you just can’t stand.

Don’t get me started on the ugly holiday sweaters!

Sometimes you just need a ‘woosah’ moment. For me, I go to the nail salon for a manicure and pedicure. Sometimes, I just throw caution to the wind, and not do anything. I stay in my pjs, and chill all day. It’s a mental reset for you. No need to stress out if it’s unwarranted. It’s about actually enjoying the small stuff. Like watching Roseanne marathons on tv land, or getting into that great book you bought 4 months ago.

Personally, I go in my room, in my snowman flannels, grab some snacks, and zone out to you tube or old reurns. When I say old, I mean old reruns of Maude. LMAO. I mean the old shows you heard about but weren’t a thought when they are popular. Better yet, I go to one of my favorite channels, Turner Movie Classics. I love to just hang out and watch old black and white movies, and relax.

Taking time for you to just relax isn’t selfish. It’s irresponsible if you don’t. You will stress, and become the bahumbug of the household. This time is about family, friends, and rebooting. Part of rebooting is taking that break. Just have to say, ‘you know what, I just don’t care today’. I mean where are those dishes going? Even if you do them, do you truly feel better afterwards? You might. You might not.

Example, I took a break and ordered pizza with the kids, and had a movie night. I had to. I have a paper due in a week, Christmas shopping to finish, and grocery shopping. I threw my hands up, and ordered Guardians of the Galaxy and Mr. Peabody and Sherman. We had a blast.

Sometimes its a family affair, and sometimes it’s a simple drive just to get out the house. Try it. Everyone needs a reboot.

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