Quick Tech Update

Doing a quick update on the new blog badge I have.

I had some say it wasn’t at the end of the page, and I noticed that too.

So here’s what I did! At the top of the blog, their are three buttons. If you hold your arrow over them, it will tell you what is what. You want the ‘widget’ button. Click on that. You’ll scroll down to see the TMB badge. Click on that, and BOOM! You’ve voted. Really easy and simple.

Now, there are other things in that group, like the link to my facebook, twitter, and etc. I’m still debating on pinterest or instagram account. Maybe both? Let me know! I know soon, I’ll be able to post video on the blog(financial stuff, LOL), so then I can show the crazy experiments I do in the kitchen or soon on the new sewing machine! Yes, if you follow me, you know I sew. Haven’t been able to in a while since I had no machine, but thanks to my awesome Grandma, that was my birthday gift, and a new Christmas tree(I’m a crafty nerd, I love that stuff dammit!).

So keep checking back, and loving the feedback! You guys rock!


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