Day 6: Infused Liquor

This was the post I was so excited about!

Never tried it before, so I’m hoping it comes out great. I don’t see why it wouldn’t over then the flavor my not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you know what, we shall roll with it.

I sit, watching, well more listening to Penny Dreadful as I write this, and it’s kind of sets the mood of the project I’m blogging about. The time period that is, not the content. It is the early 1900s in England(for you who don’t know the show).

During the early ages, alcohol was around, mainly wine for a while, and then it was figured out how to make ale, which led to beer. Also hard liquors like whiskey. Vodka was also incorporated into the mix as well, but some of our higher class counterparts wanted more than the same old taste of liquors. They wanted different taste, which called for different methods to be used.

Coming back to today, here we are last night in my kitchen. Remember how I said I wanted to give out homemade gifts for Christmas? Look no further than infused vodka. I wanted to do something that was personal, and something that was a part of me. I take my mixology skills very seriously, and finally wanted to share that with family and friends. Of course I thought, what flavors could I use, and how do I do it? After a couple of days of research, and finding the best way for me with my schedule, I found it, and started it last night.

I warned, it is a lengthy process, so I know my gifts will be late, but my family and friends are more about the effort tried then the timing. If you choose to do this, START IT EARLY!

I chose vodka, because it’s easy to mix, and after slyly talking to everyone who I chose to receive a gift, it was their drink of choice.


As pictured, I poured the vodka into a pitcher, with cranberries, cinnamon and apples. Real easy and quick. The long journey begins. It takes two weeks to infuse. Everyday, you shake the ingredients in the container. Over time, you’ll see the change, and smell the changes in the liquid. I will of course have a part 2 to this post to show the ending results. Once you are done, you strain out the ingredients into a different container, through a cheese cloth.

You do not need to refrigerate the contents, due to the fact the alcohol content is over the 40%. If the alcohol you choose is under 20%, then you should refrigerate the mixture, still taking the same amount of time to infuse.

I plan on getting mason jars to divide out the liquid, and get creative on the presentation. Again, I will post a part 2 to the process once I’m done. Here’s a picture of the beginning process! Hope you enjoy it!

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