Day 7: Gin Rummy!

This game is a tradition in our house, and if you follow me on facebook, you’ll see a picture post of my daughter and I playing it.
Gin rummy blog2

Though I’m a fan of the show “The Boondocks”, this isn’t the Gin Rummy I speak of……..

I remember I was 12 when I first learned how to play. Living in Georgia at the time, my mom was friends with neighbors of ours, who lived across the parking lot from us in a different apartment building. They would cook and play cards. Older couple, and really had nothing else better to do. It was a way for my mom and I to bond shortly after her getting sick (she was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis, scary times), and we had a blast.

That winter we went back home to visit for Christmas break, I didn’t know my grandfather knew how to play! Now, for anyone who has followed along, my family and I are close. Dysfunctional, but close, and I share a special bond with my grandfather. To learn he played was awesome. The beginning of the tradition of Christmas competition. My mom, grandfather, and I would play hours and hours of cards, talking smack and laughing.

One rule in game play of any in our family, is family is thrown out the window. You are on your own. I remember, I stuck my mom with close to 200 points of cards first draw. She was so pissed! Great times.

As I got older, and had kids, I passed the tradition to my kids. My mom, daughter, and I play. My grandfather is still alive but not in the best health, and can’t see, so he’s around but can’t play. I feel awesome being able to pass the tradition to my kids, and when Ms. Hyperdiva gets her ADD in order, I shall teach her too.

It’s great to keep the basic math skills in check over the break. Also great way to talk with your kids to catch up or find out what is going on/what they think without them knowing you’re doing it.

In past post, we have clearly established we are a gaming family, but we always go back to the throwbacks of games every now and again. We don’t discriminate around here. Here’s a crash course of the game.

Gin rummy blog

You deal an odd number of cards(7 or 9). Higher the number, the more difficult the game becomes.
All Aces are 15 points.
King, Queen, Jack, and 10 are 10 points.
2 through 9 are 5 points.
You must match the suite(diamonds with diamonds, and etc), in numerical order, unless it’s three of the same card.
It has to be at least three cards for a “spread”.
You can “hit” a spread if you have the card to do so.
If you have cards in your hand once the game ends, that’s points taken away.
If you attempt to “go out”(ending the game), without laying a card down, you’re “floating”.

If all that is confusing, google it and have a blast!

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