On a serious note.

Within the holiday season, anything is possible, both good and bad, and I was reminded of that this morning.

At 5am, Super Samurai and Wise One burst into my room while I was in a deep asleep. If either one come in my room that early, I know something is wrong and it was.

We got Charlie two years ago from a family friend, and it was my kids first real pet. A chubby brown/black/white Guinea Pig that I was worried about at first, but as we had him, he was a perfect fit for our family. Chilled out, loved food, and only complained when necessary.

As time grew, he bonded especially with the Wise One. As everyone knows from reading, she has social anxiety and depression. Charlie helped ease her worries, and became more of a best friend to her, and got her through some really tough times.

When Wise One burst into my room crying, and screamed out ‘Charlie is dead!’, I was half awake, but I first thought that he was ignoring her because it was early. I check on him, and yes, he passed away while we all were sleeping. I would like to think it was just natural causes, because anything else means we could have prevented it, who knows.

With that said, a slight interruption in Holly days are in order due to the mourning process and helping the kids through it all. If I could take the pain away, I would, but each one of them are dealing with it in their own way. Wise One is taking it really hard, so she’s camped out with me.

I try to keep it positive on my blog, and not dwell on the past or negative. Sometimes life can bring you full circle. In a past life, I would crawl into a ball with my kids and cry and tune people out. I almost did. Instead we talked through things, and I felt like writing. I felt like we each want to remember him in some way. I chose to write and watch reruns of One Tree Hill. Charlie loved eating and watching TV, preferably Cake Boss(he was a Guinea Pig, don’t be shocked).

I hope that he’s in a good place. I also want to note, yes he was a Guinea Pig, and it may not mean much to you. If you are a parent reading this, remember that when their best friend passes away. If you are a parent who cares like I do, just listen. It’s the best thing you can do. Hopefully we’ll be back on track in a couple days, until then, enjoy what is up so far, I’ll be watching TV, and watching Crazy Ass curled up with Wise One, and I’ll keep you peeps posted. Love ya.

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  1. May Charlie rest in peace!


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