Product Review: TMNT (2014)

As you have seen, we have Binge days, especially on break. I wanted to see this movie, because I was a kid of the 80s, and my brother was a kid of the 90s. We grew up watching the original cartoon of this franchise. We saw he movie franchise, and sang ‘go ninja, go ninja go’ ninja rap for days.

I got excited for my kids to have the revamped version on nickelodeon. We were all disappointed. When it was announced that the movie came out, well I still had hopes. My kids didn’t, and friends I grew up with recommended not to see it.

I should have ignored them.

Though things were changed slightly in the movie, the core concept remained the same. The turtles were fighting against the foot clan and shredder, and splinter trained them to take them on.

Their were some changes, and the biggest one was how they were so much like teenagers. It fit in the movie. Some friends of mine liked the old version. They were teenagers, but they didn’t show them in true teenager form.

Hormonal, pizza hut eating, arguing, girl loving 15 year olds trying to figure it out and still save the city.

Nickelodeon made up for the lame cartoon they made about two years ago. Ms. Hyperdiva, crazy ass, and I enjoyed this movie so much. I posted a scene from the movie, where the four are in the elevator beat boxing. It was great. My daughter and I were getting all into the beat too.

I think that fans like myself remember the naïve, simple teens of the original cartoon. We loved it, and it was awesome. This movie wanted to make them more realistic. Like teens today. Who will try anything to get a number or a girls attention by any means necessary. That they eat pizza like drinking water. It was great, and showed a great lesson of teamwork and siblings. The graphics was great, and if you are going to do it do it right. As you see the different between the movie of 1990 and the movie 2014, CGI has definitely come a long way.

tmnt blog 1                  tmnt blog 2

I definitely recommend it for a family movie. The action wasn’t too violent and served a purpose. Wasn’t drawn out or too long. Kept Ms. Hyperdiva attentive, which says a lot, I could say little ones with like it a lot, after you tell them not to try being a ninja.

I give the movie 10 cowabungas out of 10. I wish I would have went and watched it in the movies, but their is something to be said to be comfy in your home watching a movie.

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