Holly Day 15! Say wha????!!!!!!

Merry Christmas Peeps!

I hope everyone has a great day, and that you and your family are appreciative of everything you got, regardless if it’s a ugly ass sweater or stanky ass lotion from the dollar store. Lol it’s the thought right?

Today, I got a easy dessert again to make, but this time is ready after you bake it.

Chocolate Baklava

Now, if you looked on the facebook page a while back, you saw I made baklava for the first time. It was so easy! It’s basically a Greek lasagna dessert. Best thing was I made it my way the last time, with apples and cranberries. This time, I remembered my kids, especially Wise One. I made Greek cheesecake for Super Samurai, but this one was a nod to Wise one, who says her true boyfriend is Chocolate. I hope it stays that way.

Anyway, you have to remember, you have to be careful with the phyllo dough. It’s very thin and easy to rip. I recommend taking a wet paper towel, ringing it out of the excess water, and covering the remaining dough as you layer if it looks like the dough is drying out.

It was real simple. I greased my glass baking pan with coconut oil spray. I took the first layer of dough(8 sheets) and brushed my melted butter on the dough. I added the chocolate layer. It was made up of mini chocolate chips, sugar, cinnamon, lemon zest and walnuts. You continue to do that, but the next layer and going forward, it’s four dough sheets. dough, butter, chocolate mix.


Once you completed the layering, you cut the baklava into diamond pieces. Bake at 350 for almost an hour or until golden brown. Afterwards, you make the syrup in a saucepan(orange juice, honey, water, lemon juice, and sugar). Pour onto the baklava after it cools, and BOOM! Done.

My babies will tell me what it’s like later, but if it’s anything like my first batch, it shall be awesome! Hope you guys truly have a good one! I’m enjoying my babies, and food!



Merry Christmas!

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