I know we took a slight break from holly days, but we will getting back to that later today.

Right now, I want to write a piece on a great family I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know in a short time.

Punk Rock Papa and Mommy’s Happy Hour, have an awesome family, and just recently(like two days ago) welcomed their new addition to the family.

I’ve gotten to know Punk Rock Papa over a short amount of time, and he’s an awesome dude. His page is hilarious, and he’s real supportive of upcoming bloggers, like myself. I haven’t had the pleasure of talking with his other half, but love her facebook page, and I can tell from the post on both pages, they fit together perfectly.

The reason I’m writing this is to say congratulations! I said the day of, but I figure I’d formally put it out there for the family, and my peeps to see. Kudos to you being able to have a set of twins, and now a newborn. I shall pray for your sanity. LOL. Seriously, your tribe, or how I refer to mine, your crew rocks, and I hope you are as blessed as everyone is when they have a new addition to the family.

In your honor, I slept in for you two, because let’s be real, you’ll never see that again for another 10-12 years. LOL.

Again, congrats on the new addition, and peeps, go onto both facebook pages and check them out! Hilarious and cuteness combined? Can’t go wrong there!

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