Bar 101: At Home New Year’s Chill Mode

Now, I posted a New Years story based around my Bar 101 choices. What we didn’t cover was what if you stay in? What about those of us, who decide to have a couple, or a lot of friends over, and just hang out at home.

This entry. This entry, my friends, is for you.

I have gotten to the point on holidays like these, I stay in. I save money, no designated driver to search for, no dressing up in clothes that hug the girls way too much, and no stupid drunk drivers to avoid. I don’t promote or condone drunk driving, but on this holiday, in particular, it still happens.

Now, you also just read I mentioned saving money. Since I have teenagers, a girl scout, student loans, and finishing a chapter 7, I really watch my money. More than I should, but hey better living with in my means, then to try to live flashy and eating top ramen for my three meals.

For the price you spend going out getting drunk, you could stay home and get drunk around people you actually like. Now, that’s not to say I don’t go out ever. I do, maybe once a month, or when I’m out of town. Otherwise, I’m home, and when in the mood, I invite people over.

We’re staying in, right? The question then presents itself, what do you serve?

Jello shots!

Yes, we are covering jello shots. Now, if you think the same thing I do when you hear jello shots, no worries. This is not a frat party full of 20 year olds who may dry hump you or puke on you. No, no, this is classy jello shots, because we are too old for that bullshit here in common sense world.

These are awesome recipes for the older crowd, and really easy to make. Let’s get into it, shall we?

We start off with the peach vanilla champagne jello shot. Champagne really isn’t sweet, so adding something sweet to the mix makes an awesome snack to a classy kickback.



We next have the butterscotch shots. The awesome thing about this one, is you can make it with liquor or sparkling cider, juice, soda water or pop. Which means, this one I great for a mixed party(adults/kids). I got the idea for this one based on a friends’ recipe that she created from the Harry Potter Hogsmeade Butter Beer drink.


(Side note: Love me some Harry Potter!)

The last jello shot is one of my creation exclusively. It is a tad bit strong, but this too, can be substituted for sprite with the champagne, and rum extract for the rum, or my non alcoholic crowd. It’s called the Matrix Pill. Going into the new year, you have a choice, like Morpheus explained to Neo. You can choose the truth or live the life your currently in.


(Side note: Love the Matrix Series too, even played the PC game. Yeah, I’m a nerd like that, LOL)

I have to bonus drinks I made as well.

This first one is my holiday mojito. Truth me told, I hate mint, unless it’s in my gum. With that said, any awesome bartender/mixologist knows what everything tastes like. Even though I hate mint, I was going to find a way to try out the classic drink, which I did.

Peppermint Schnapps.

I mixed this with the other ingredients and it was really good. The mint wasn’t overbearing and cranberry pomegranate juice is my new juice I love. It all meshed well.


We last have the honeysuckle. I tweaked this drink for my Jewish relatives based on the Jewish holidays. It’s very smooth and the liquor is almost non existent in the drink so be careful, it can sneak up on you.


Well here’s my contribution to the jello shot. Those recipes I chose you can also make in pans, and use cut outs to make it even more crafty. I decided to go with cups and plastic utensils. Easy clean up. I hope you guys had a great New Years, and keep the momentum going into 2015!

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