Day 25 Holly Days: Mario Kart 8

We have ran our course on Holly Days. We baked, cooked, drank, played games, and watched some movies. Loved the fun we had, and I’m ending the series on a great note.

My gaming review on…….Mario Kart 8!


My kids have waited for this game since they announced a new sequel. The backstory is Nintendo has taken the different characters, and put them in a racing game. Real simple right?


Well, to pick up a play yes. Again, Nintendo has appealed to the masses, gamer and non gamer to play a game. Awesome points for that. I’m not a racing game fan. Well, I like them, but suck at them, expect this one. For whatever reason, it’s real easy to play.

This game, I will warn you will bring out the worst competition in you ever! My kids and I are not longer related playing this game, because part of winning is taking out the other players to win. What I mean is bumping off the road, throwing weapons, you name it, it’s done in this game.

Yes, the game is easy to pick up, but I’m warning you, in all good fun, it ruins families, LOL.

Why I love this game is the variety. You start with a great selection of characters, and as you play, you unlock more characters, cars, and accessories. You have 8 different cups at three different levels(50, 100, 150). The higher you go, and win, the more better stuff you unlock. It’s a great game for that, the downloadable content, and online play!

Yes, online play rocks! Of course keep in mind that some of these people who play have no life, so when they beat you, don’t get mad, this is their lives. I mean they live, breathe, and love Mario Kart, in their basement away from all of society, or they are 12 and under kids who can’t quite have too much of a social life due to curfews. I’m cool with the second one, but some of the language!

That’s another blog though.

In any event, it’s a great game for the whole family to play if you have extra wii remotes. This too, requires the game pad, and we already covered, and in an update, I found a way to get the game pad fixed, so it’s a minor thing.

Pretty simple. Racing game with you favorite Nintendo characters. They are trying to run you off the road to win, and online game play.

We give this game 10 koopa shells out of 10. I couldn’t really find anything wrong with the game that I could say would affect the game. It’s easy to play. Anyone could pick it up, and everyone will enjoy it. Great entertainment. I definitely recommend it to anyone who is curious about buying the game for your kids to play. I especially love the replay, and slow motion replay option. Makes you think you have your own version of Nascar in your house.

Enjoy your New Year and I hope you enjoyed Holly Days!

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