Breakfast after break…….am I awake yet?

Hey peeps!

I know, I’m supposed to be doing homework right now, but a little mishap in my records has me blocked from everything, so waiting to hear back from my advisor to straighten everything out. In the meantime, I created a theme for the week, I like to call ‘Kid friendly week’.

It’s not like we haven’t done kid friendly for two weeks, or on a regular basis, right? I’ll explain. It’s more of getting back on track after the long break. For some of us(like myself), it’s not only that, but getting us prepared for the cold brutal temperatures that decided to let us know, winter is here. In my house, we change eating habits, along with clothing options, and curfews. One thing to this week’s theme, is I grew up with all of these ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

This first one was a staple in my house as a kid. At one point, my mom was a school bus driver, so it meant we had early mornings, that honestly, I thought we were going to die getting up that early. I don’t know how people do it, but I commend you on that, because I’m hurting at 6am.

Now, breakfast sandwiches have been around since the dawn of time. My mom was the master of preparing stuff the might before to a T. The sandwich was simple, and sometimes she made up the sandwich the night before, wrap it in plastic wrap or in a sandwich baggie, and we just had to reheat the sandwich the next day. I will prep this for my crew tonight after dinner.

Ingredients(my version):

Honey wheat toasted bread
Scrambled eggs
turkey bacon
American cheese
spinach lettuce
tomato, sliced
Mayo or Miracle Whip

I mix up my eggs the night before, with milk to stretch them out, and whatever you season them with. I then get the bacon prepped on a plate, if I’m microwaving it, or a baking pan if I over bake, just depends on my mood. I wash off the lettuce and tomatoes, chop those up and save in a Ziploc bag. I also toast my bread the night before.

Say What???

Yep. I toast bread the night before and either a) place them on a plate, with a paper towel in the microwave, or b) in a plastic bag in the microwave. Just have to remember they are in the microwave. LOL.

At this point all you got to do it cook eggs and bacon. You cook those, and get your assembly line going, and boom, everyone is ready, fed, and remembering what comes later in the day at lunch at school.


My take, is I make up everything night before. I make the sandwiches, wrap them up, and put in the refrigerator. Now, your thinking, the bread will get soggy. You could cook up the eggs and bacon night before, toast, as stated, and then reheat everything the next day. It’s all really up to how much energy you have in the morning. I do everything the night before, but don’t add the miracle whip or veggies, so the sandwich doesn’t get soggy. Wrap up the sandwiches, and call it a day. The kids can add what they want in the morning, and I can attempt to wake up.

This breakfast is as simple as oatmeal packets so your 5 year old can do this in the morning as long as the organization is there. Also helps them get back into the groove of things, and lets them help out in the kitchen too. If you do this just right, you’ll have a clean kitchen too.


Since I cook the eggs and bacon the night before, the pans from that get cleaned the same time the dinner pans do. Same with any chopping utensils, and anything you used to prep. In the morning, I use paper towels and plastic plates to serve everything. No fuss of breakfast, no mess in the kitchen, move on to bigger stuff.

This is the meaning to kid friendly. Simple, and straight to the point. Tinker with the process to help you out. Like I said, I remember these sandwiches from my childhood, send me off with a full stomach, and got us kids fed in twenty minutes at the worst.

Tomorrow: SpongeBob stuffed shells……that’s my idea for my youngest one.

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