Our 100th post!

It too, is a movie review again!

You would think I would be on bar 101, or food. Nope a movie. A funny, hilarious movie.


I was going to wait on The Interview, not because was skeptical, but because I’m cheap.

Then the bullshit of cancelling, hacking, and war of words happened.

It actually worked out for me though!

6 bucks on my cable service, or for free from my hacker friends…….no I didn’t do it. I legally watched it. I felt it was well worth the money on my cable bill.

The Interview was great. The Franco/Rogen team is comical anyway, so to write something like this was hilarious. For anyone who lives under a rock, it about Dave Skylark(Franco), a tabloid talk show host, and the producer of his show, Aaron Rapoport(Rogen). They run a successful tabloid show, that is popular, so popular that one of their fans is the dictator of North Korea and is a huge fan of Dave as well. Aaron gets the idea for Dave to interview him and after the arrangements are made, the interview is set.

This is where the craziness of laughs begin, especially the relationship between the Kim and Dave, and the plot to try to kill him. Now, I want you guys to know, I don’t condone killing of anyone. That wasn’t the funny part of the movie. What was funny was the leading up to that. That the CIA recruited these two…….screw ups, to do a job that they could easily do themselves. That’s why it’s unbelievably funny.

This duo is just classic. From Pineapple Express, to the re-enactment of the Kanye Video, to this, they brought back slapstick comedy that I never thought I would see again. Going into this, you have to also channel your ‘college, absurd, it’s only funny to your group of friends’ humor to really appreciate it. Some I know close to me, wouldn’t like it based on the content of the plot, or the jokes themselves. The thing about it is, unless your a stuffy tight wad, you find a lot of things funny about it on different levels. From Aaron having to hide the container rom the Korean guards, to the tank playing Katy Perry’s Fireworks and Kim begin embarrassed about it. It covers a lot of humor.

Wouldn’t recommend it for younger audiences obviously. Youngest I’d go is 15-16. Otherwise, you’ll have a ton to explain and a ton of eye covering.

Other than that, well written for the audience intended for. If you have a spot for silly hilarious rumor that resembles Dumb and Dumber on a more intelligent level, I’d watch it.

I give this movie a 10 patches out of 10. In real life, this would never happen. Like I said, the CIA would never recruit two goofy asses to do a major job like that. They would get Jason Bourne. I think that as the point. Take a movie so funny and far-fetched to just humor you, and I think they made that point. What really sells this movie is the chemistry of Rogen/Franco and Skylark/Kim relationships. It’s just hilarious to no end. Can’t wait to see what else Rogen/Franco have in store for us in the future.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. sunflower says:

    Watched it too! It was hilarious and weird 😉


    1. buttercuppieces2013 says:

      I know right. I almost burnt dinner that night.

      Liked by 1 person

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