(Product) Movie Review: The Equalizer

I haven’t done a product review in a while, I guess since Christmas, but hey movies count right?

I’ve been on a movie kick, and today will be no different, LOL.

Doesn’t matter, I watched a great action flick, with Denzel Washington last night, The Equalizer.


Based on the CBS 80s show, the show’s concept was a retired spy came to the rescue for people who need it, but not exactly in the position to go to the police for help. Loved this show as a kid. I was so excited when they showed the trailer for the movie, an Denzel was casted for it. I’m a huge fan of his, not in the ‘he’s so handsome’ way, but the ‘this dude is flippin awesome’ way. I did get skeptical thinking I know there were fight scenes, and let’s be honest, he’s no spring chicken. Awesome actor, but aging.

Didn’t matter going into this movie!

Bob/Robert(Washington) was a mild mannered man, working at a store like Home Depot. Nice guy, helped out, but you could tell he was different as they showed his routine. He was an around nice guy, but too organized. His struggle begins when he goes to his normal diner spot to read and he runs into Teri(Chloe Grace Moretz).

Not to give too much away, but that’s where the movie begins for me, and it gets interesting. Unlike the show, I like how they changed it a bit to show the struggle he begins. This action film really gets into the person, and not the revenge vendetta of some formulas like Chuck Norris or Stallone. It kept me on the edge of my seat to know what he as going to do next. I would say it was a mix of drama, action, and a splash of MacGyver.

It was a slow process to see what he knew, but that first clue to his skill you see early on. I loved the first fight scene as well, because it let you know, he wasn’t just some guy trying to be nice. You’ll be able to see that in the way he approaches he situation. Just the struggle is real for him.

As the movie progresses, he rights wrongs to the innocent, not to people who ask, but they clearly need it. Difference in this movie, then the show, is you see him struggle with the process. He’s wondering why them? You also get to see why personally he struggles with all of it. In the show, it was just different situations, and the equalizer bailed people out. I loved how they wrote that into the story. Everyone was trying to have better life in some sense, and just couldn’t leave their past because of unfinished business.

I definitely give this movie a 10 books out of 10. You’ll get the reference when you watch it. Great story, great action scenes, and the script was awesome in how they wrapped all the people together. Though Bob was retired, he wasn’t rusty, and I liked how the stunts were believable for an aged older man to pull off.

I recommend no distractions, great snacks, and just watching the movie. You have distractions, you’ll miss vital points.

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