Thrift Shopping: Don’t be snobby, go for it!

I’m back from the worst head cold ever. I still have leftover issues, but better then I was three days ago.

Don’t matter! I’m back! Yeah boyee!

Today, we shall discuss thrift shopping!

Now, I love it. I guess it’s more of saving money in the long run. I shop at resale stores, and donation stores. Yes there is a difference.

Resale stores are like pawn shops in a sense. They have certain criteria they take in items to resale. Nothing damaged, or too old. You get around 30-40 percent of the retail price of the item at that time, and more than likely it’s in cash.

Donation places take just about anything, and it’s a great way to get rid of older stuff. You can use this on your taxes. Donation places tend to help out the homeless, and less fortunate.

Depending on what I’m looking for decides where I go that day. Example today, I need a casserole pan because I refuse to pay tons of money for a new one when I know it’s going to end up looking crazy over time. I shall go to my favorite resale place, New Uses. I was just there, and found some great cocktail and wine glasses. 10 glasses for 20 bucks. Yeah, I’m awesome like that.


It’s an art, and has some rules. Well, at least I have rules.

First, don’t ever, ever, ever take kids or spouses with you. They are distractions. Only exceptions is if the spouse is as good as thrifting as you are, and is focused like you are.

Second, which I mentioned, stay focused. If your on budget, you need to remember what went in for in the first place. Of course I’m even guilty of getting side tracked, but remember this, if you are shopping for everything else, you may miss the intended goal at another store.

Which leads into the third rule.

Third, don’t settle for one store. Thrifting is a day event. Get your cash/debit card, coffee, and hit multiple stores. Doesn’t matter which you choose, no store ever has the same thing. So get your car gassed up and go on your mission!

Lastly, choose your store wisely. As bad as it sounds, suburb/nicer area stores tend to have better quality of product opposed to run down areas. As bad as that sounds, it’s true. At times, the run down areas are getting things from evictions or places where people just left things behind. Where in your nicer areas, it’s more of donating from having that choice to do so or a tax write off. It’s bad to say, but just the why it is for the most part.

As long as you stick to those rules, thrifting can be an awesome way to save money, and pretty fun. As I said before, I went to my resale store last week for specialty glasses. Of course I came out with more, but stuck to the rules first. After I found what I was looking for, I went ahead and just looked around for other stuff. Between this and sewing, I make my house my own, and anyone can do it with time and effort. Once the weather lets up, I’ll take my talents to the fabric store.

Thrifting can work at the fabric store as well. I’ve bought great fabric at a huge discount using the same rules. When we get into reupholstering the couches and furniture, this is vital in getting good deals. Of course we shall get into that this summer!

Don’t knock thrift shopping. You are helping out some charities depending on where you decide to shop. Of course you can’t get everything that way, but in some case, and it’s your call, you save money by doing so.


Think about it, do you hate saving money? I didn’t think so.

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  1. Cecilia says:

    You’re right thrifting is a day event 🙂 Your tips are great, and I like the photos! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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