My HomeMade Dog Treats: Peanut Butter Muffins

I finally, finally got these treats done. This is one recipe I’m trying. I’ll try the other tonight or tomorrow.

I had Peanut Butter treats for her, and soaked them in water for almost a week. I wanted them really soggy for the idea I had, and it worked!

I put those treats in the blender with a little more water, and made it very smooth.



After that, I added 2 eggs, and 4 cups of flour. Mixing all that, we baked them in my muffin pan.




Baking at 350, for 25 minutes, they were done and soft! I plan to give her a side of yogurt when I give her the treat. She loved these treats, but they were hard to chew. I believe we solved this issue, and today she’ll have her snacks during the game.



Next time: Taking meaty treats and making gravy out of that!

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