Open letter to my community!



I wanted to take a minute and talk to you guys about something on the blog.

I wanted to say thank you. The support on here and facebook has been so awesome, and you guys rock. I started the blog to find a way to give back to the community. I don’t have much money to spare, but giving back isn’t always about money. In certain cases, it’s the knowledge you give that lasts longer.

I felt their was a need to to give back my views in my household and tips on different things it takes to be a half way decent parent. I’ve heard I’m an awesome parent, but I just do what I can to make it through the day to be honest. Any way I can make life easier and more organized, I do it, even if it’s hard on me at the time. I’ve heard so many stories of not having time, not eating healthy, not being a good cook, and not being crafty.

I was always taught, share what you know. It’s the right thing to do, the human thing to do. I just added to that, never doubt yourself. You never know what your capable of until you try. I’m messed up so many times on things, and remembered that mistakes are awesome tries at life. Learn from it, and try it again.

Recently, I keep getting the question, what makes it work?

Time Management
Great attitude

And, this is a big one…….

Not caring what others think.

I make this webpage, and family work by those four main points.

I sew because in a lot of cases, it’s cheaper then buying new. It’s also a great way to make something your own, opposed to hearing, “I got one of those too”. Um no, this is a CSM original, not from Target. You are mistaken, LOL. I thrift because my kids are still growing. Hint, if you sew, and thrift, you can change a whole wardrobe.

I organize my mass shopping and cooking so I have time to spend with my kids, and time to have for myself. So many parents are overwhelmed. That time you are sitting and chilling out on your couch mad that your child is watching some stupid cartoon you can’t stand, make that your organizing time. Get meals together. Assess the house, is there something you been meaning to try or get done, and time management has just not been there? It’s those little moments that begin to add up, and before you know it, you’ve done so much, you began to have “you time”.

Trust me, there is a such thing.

I create food/drink recipes because having the same thing over and over gets boring. Keeps me sharp as a mom, gets me ready a business owner, and keeps my kids happy. I document it all to pass on to my kids once they are on their own.

I review things because their is a need for it. People want an opinion on a lot of things, from food products, to video games, to new outlooks of being a parent in the 21st century.I just take the risk and try it out, if I’m comfortable with it. It’s so different now, compared to 50 years ago.


All of this came from being a single mom, and I began to think what could I do to give back after society has helped me so much. I just had a conversation with a friend of mine about how I got back into school as a single mom. It’s not as hard as one my think. Again, time management, teamwork, and a great attitude keeps me going. I’ve gotten the “you should have been done by now”, “stick with one thing”, or “you’re taking to long speech”.

Excuse my German, but I can give a shit what anyone else thinks. Walk in my shoes from the time I started to now, and tell me if you could handle EVERYTHING our family pushed through. It’s that confidence that got me here. To share with you. To bring you with me on this building of an empire of common sense. The fact you are reading this still and agreeing to what I’m saying means the need of this knowledge is there. That the movement is growing like a grassroot effort.


We’ve been at this for almost a year, and this community continues to grow, and I say thank you for letting me share with you. We are just getting started on this journey. 2015 will be a big year in this community as plans to expand are in full effect as we speak. We are also in the works of trying out new media, and branching out to others to show that we are cool and nerdy and don’t care.

I love you guys to death, and just wanted to say thank you for coming along with me. Buckle in, because it’s getting ready to get really interesting in these parts……

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