Bar 101: My Valentine’s Story

Of course even after that last post, I made a valentine’s day special!

Now, 5 years ago, I was newly single. Divorced, and trying to figure out me as I was figuring out how to be a single mom. I swore of men. I mean why bother? I have kids, and gradually I became content and happy with how things were in that part of my life. Single wasn’t depressing or sad. I embraced it, and I wasn’t about to compromise what I wanted, after figuring out what that was.

I decided to make each one of these drinks based on different times in my romantic life. I can say now, I’m glad I didn’t stick to that notion of never dating again. My partner in crime is an awesome person, and cracks me up to no end!

This first drink is called Single Ladies Sangria. I remember going out with friends on Valentine’s Day 4 years ago, celebrating my move back east, and finding a place. We got soooooo wasted on margaritas, and it was my first time really drinking. Prior to that, I never really drink anything. We had a blast drinking and eating burritos for 5 bucks each. That moment inspired me to make this cocktail if I ever have my girls night out again.


Next up is the A.L.E.(Anti Love Establishment). I got this idea for the people, myself included, who have been through the so called relationship that turns out to be toxic. It’s sweet going down, and you don’t taste the liqour, but it’s sneaky. It comes out and shows it’s true colors down the road. Not necessarily a bad thing, but you learn from it.


Sensual Seduction. When I met my partner in crime, and we got the first time alone. It was intense, raw, sweet, and exciting. Just like this drink. You see it, and don’t know what to expect, but your curious. You want to know more, feel more. You want to take that risk to see where this may lead to, and you never want it to end…….


Kinky Panties……well what can I say. I got three kids for a reason! LOL! I made this shot in celebration of my healthly view on sex. Let’s be real here. One key component to keeping a relationship going is being open to new things. As you can see from this picture, the mix of these liquids, you might as well say, you getting freaky to some level while drinking it, especially if you decide to keep throwing them back!


We have Red Tuesday. The Tuesday before Valentine’s Day, where the most break ups happens. I haven’t ever experienced that, but I’ve experienced what it’s like to find out you were just a booty call. If it’s anything like that, it fucking hurts to no end. I saw myself ordering this at a bar, just drinking my pain away. In my real life, I was eating Ben and Jerry’s at home and watching all the comedy specials I could find. No bueno.


Lastly is called All by myself. That point your home, singing all the break up songs you can find on your ipod or mp3 player. You even sing ‘All by myself’ on loop. That was my realizing the marriage was done. It needed to be, but it was a mourning process. that no matter how bad things were, you still mourn the loss of something.


The Romantic circle of life(cue the lion king song! LOL!). I can say, I’m in a great spot now. Love who I am, and who’s with me. We all have had this moments, and each deserve a drink for it. I hope your at the kinky panties stage, if not, embrace that Single Ladies Sangria and live life to the fullest!

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